Enjoy a new kitchen or bathroom without the cost of new cabinets.

Cabinet Painting

New Kitchen cabinets can cost $10’s of thousands in both materials and labor. Save the cost by choosing to refinish those cabinets to a design that meets your family’s style.

Some clients opt for a whole kitchen transformation with new countertops and flooring, while others keep the hardgoods in place and simply paint the cabinets – the options are limitless.

In addition to paint, Galloping Painters can also change the style of flat front cabinets. Other options include new hinges and new pulls.

Our Process

  • Meet with client to determine scope of project and color choices
  • Contract signatures
  • Remove current doors from boxes
  • Fill any imperfections in the doors, drawers and boxes
  • Prime boxes, doors and drawers
  • Apply paint
  • Install doors and drawers
  • Install pull hardware

During the entire process with can work with in house or third party contractors to complete the look of your kitchen so it is exactly what you want. This includes floors, backsplash, lighting, room painting and countertops.


Many vanities can also be transformed with new paint. The determining factor is the construction material.

Furniture painting


Breath new life into existing furniture with a fresh coat of durable paint. Projects can be completed on or off site.

The Results


How long does it take?

This all depends on the number of cabinets and what other projects are being completed as part of the kitchen makeover. You should plan on your kitchen being out of use for several days.

Can my cabinets be painted?

Wood cabinets can be easily painted. This includes previously painted cabinets, unfinished or stained. Cabinets with laminate coverings, in most cases, cannot be painted.

What finishes are available?

You may choose any sheen you wish.