Color Palettes

My current Sherwin Williams color book has 316 pages of colors. Each page has seven colors, for a grand total of 2,212 possible colors… before you even get to the option of color matching from another company. Now that you have those 2,000+ colors in front of you, you’re expected to select a single color for your room renovation. It’s a daunting task, and one, that if done correctly, will be on your walls for years. So how do we simply this?

Enter pre-selected color palettes. Almost all paint manufacturers have color palettes depicting the color of the year, a relaxing color, a vibrant color, colors for accent walls, how to pick a neutral color palette and numerous other bits of simplification.. Truth is, as a remodeler and painter, I REALLY LIKE THESE BOOKS.

When meeting with clients, I always ask if they have colors in mind – and silently hope they have at least some idea – and that’s it’s not awful. I used to assist with with color consultations by bringing out the “big book”. You could see their eyes glass over in real time. That thing is frightening. We have now evolved to bring along our pre-selected color palettes. We can use these as a massive simplification tool. Instead of thousands of colors in your hand, we help bring it down to around 15 colors that all have a centralized theme. Clients are never locked into these colors. We use these a starting block. From there, we can find those colors in the big book and fine tune the selections. In the end, we have used these simple books of ideas to focus the style and help hone in on the feeling the customer wants for their newly painted home.

When meeting with painters it’s perfectly ok to not know the exact color you want. We are here to help, but let’s use some excellent tools to get you on the right path to color selection.

Our Tips:

  • Use pre selected color palettes to help narrow down your color style
  • Color Palettes are meant to work together. Use those smaller samples to find coordinating colors for multiple rooms.
  • If you like a general palette but not exactly, ask your painter to select similar colors from the full color book.
  • Utilize help from design services, websites and your supplier – many companies, such as ours, offer design consultation.
  • Just because your painter uses a specific brand does not mean you can’t select paint from another manufacturer. Just ensure you get the brand, name, and color code. It’s also best to bring along the sample just in case it’s a specialty color that is not in the matching system.
  • Look at samples in multiple light. Colors change in appearance based on the type of light they are viewed in. Take a look under a light bulb, daylight, and even night time.
  • Sample, Sample, Sample. Paint big samples on your walls of the colors you like and look at them multiple times a day as the light conditions change.
  • Lastly, if you would like some insights on available color palettes, visit our good friends at Sherwin Williams. The books are available in store, or here.

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