Wainwright Renovation

At Galloping Properties, we love the challenge of an old shotgun house. It’s were we first started and they will always hold a special place in our hearts. That said, they always find a way to make a simple project turn into much, much more.

The Wainwright house was built around 1900 and was a touch under 700 SQF. Originally consisting of just 4 rooms. It also had a full cellar which has been updated and allows for tons more storage. With some careful consideration, we added an additional 150 sqf to the footprint and a second bathroom. The current status of the house is 2 beds and two baths with a large kitchen/family room area.

In order to obey city regulations as to the footprint of the house, we had to close in two existing porches and relocate the main entry to the side of the house (during this process we learned there had previously been a door in the same spot we selected). While the house maintains the shotgun style footprint, it now has seperate bedrooms and we removed the single hallway. The layout, without the need for hallways, allowed us the most effective use of the space – no hallway waste.

Under the finishes, we completely updated all of the systems including Electrical – Akin Electric, Plumbing – ASI Plumbing and HVAC – Four Seasons HVAC. Tile, Flooring, Painting, Cabinets and Carpentry were all completed by our in-house staff.

Biggest Challenges

  • Covid-19 Delays
  • Footprint Expansion
  • No-Hallway Layout
  • Permit delays caused by work from home city regulations

Our Highlights

  • Addition of Bathroom
  • Relocation of Laundry to main floor
  • Modern color pallet
  • Modern fixtures
  • Small space for maintenance

Before Photos